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What does it mean to be a Composer/Musician in the 21st century?

Join me here as I embark on my journey through the modern music scene around the world sharing my successes, failures and everything in-between.

Comp*lex is my home base for sharing events, personal experiences, advice columns and more. 


Franek Piece Featured on New Release!

Thrilled that my work Ogygian Cycles for flute and guitar duo has been released today on the Italian label Da Vinci Classics. Much like...

Premiere at the Tampere Flute Fest 2021

Looking forward to the premiere of my piece Mo'Tri for solo flute at this year's edition of the Tampere Flute Fest! The work will be...

Upcoming Premieres, Updates and More!

In a year which so far retains it's predecessor's unpredictable nature as far the arts are concerned, it gives me immense joy to be able...

The 'Inside Story' Behind Mithridates

I just recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with PARMA recordings in which I was able to speak about topics such as my...

PRISMA VOL. 4 Out Now!

My piece Mithridates has just been released within the compilation album PRISMA VOL. 4 on Navona Records! Mithridates was recorded in...