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Visual Art + Electroacoustics = ...

My first Audiovisual collection has officially released with the Web3 music community Guzzu based in Barcelona!

The project is titled Res Meta_Extensa, which combines 20 visual collectable artworks and a never before released 30 minute electroacoustic composition to create an immersive and suggestive space of existence.

Res Meta_Extensa is composed visually and aurally by the sudden generation and dispersal of information as it is processed in the liminal annals of human comprehension. Res coalesces nebulous, submerged and abstract visual and sonic information into a continuous and spontaneous organism structured upon the perspective of the original observer.

The name of the accompanying electroacoustic track (unlocked when a visual artwork is purchased) is entitled In Medias Res, inspired by the liminal moments of human experience where boundaries between physical and metaphysical information are obliterated.

Check out the project here:

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