Below you will find some recent works which have either been premiered or are scheduled for performance in the near future.  To see a full list of works, see the bottom of the page.

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for orchestra

Sirkūlarom is an Euroźi word with a rather particular meaning: the process by which the familiar world around you (physical or emotional) becomes strange through a progression of abrupt changes. Through the use of the orchestra, I aim to paint this process through multiple different perspectives of timbre within the orchestra.
Formulaically, I put the direct translation of “unending circle worlds” to use through a calculated chaos of small forms imbedded within large forms. This sentiment is additionally echoed within the fragmented echoes of initial theme groups which unfold throughout the work. It is only after leaning into this directional diversity that the piece may take its shape.


concerto for piano and eight instruments

This concerto originally started as a constructional commentary about the
“eyes” of London moving to become integrated with facial recognition, but
soon evolved into a response to technology’s role in a global pandemic
within the third decade of the 21st century.

Over the course of three movements/parts, this piece demonstrates the
summary of the construction, learning and full application of an AI driven
structure which can construct and control an entire network of information
amidst chaotic events.

quintet for clarinet, trumpet, violin, doublebass and piano

Beton Ugolkí or 'Concrete Angles' is a work composed for the Lontano Ensemble set for premiere and recording in February 2020.  The piece highlights the mechanical and urban qualities of each instrument as well as post-modern quality of life in the modern urban setting.

for two violins

Premiered and recorded in London in November 2019 by members of the Lontano Ensemble, Eliksokot captures the prevailing moments of calm amidst chaos.


for four violins and string orchestra

TORSO is a piece centered around sculpting the reaction of the human upper body to anxiety and uncertainty in sound.  

Premiered by the Janáček Filharmonie in Czechia on June 6th, 2020.


for orchestra

Premiered by the Moravian Philharmonic in April of 2019, Mithridates was my first major work for orchestra as well as my first collaboration with the label PARMA recordings.





Micro Symphony that falls over itself after themes by Mozart

Sinfonia 'Dostoevsky'


Kantata 'Roma 2019'






Di Gotik Automaton


Flute Concerto

Oboe Concerto

Clarinet Concerto

Saxophone Concerto

Bassoon Concerto


Dark Obscure Contents


Beton Ugolkí


Two Movements for Piano

Random Access Klavier

Rhythms of the Sphere

Pedagogical Works/Collections

Note the Color (Vol. 1 & 2)

Alexander's City

Mozart's London Sketchbook

Tall Tales

Composer's Series

(Upcoming 2020 NJMTA Commisioned Composer works TBA)

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