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Private Teaching

For all levels and all ages!

I have had the honor and pleasure of maintaining a private music studio, leading class music courses as well as theory and additional instruction over the past four years.  From beginners of any age including adults to late advanced students, I have gathered crucial teaching experience in the Princeton and London areas.  To date students of mine have: 

• Placed internationally in composition competitions

• Gained acceptance into conservatories or programs of their choosing.

• Had fun in a learning environment completely tailored to them.

It is my motto and duty to never enforce the idea that my students "have" to be musicians, but rather impart and guide them on a journey through life and self discovery where music may act as the crucible of our efforts.  Additionally, if a students feels that they may want to learn about life as a full-time musician, you have come to the right place.

Follow any of the links below to my direct contact to inquire about lesson opportunities.  I currently have spaces available in my London studio and still service the Eastern United States through mobile lessons.

Playing Violins


Image by Marius Masalar

Music Theory, Composition,  Songwriting

Private Teaching: What I Do
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