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“John Franek's affinity for Mozart is evinced in his brilliant, subtly-shaded playing which brings forth the composer's work in all of its multivalent sparkle and darkness.”  (Scott Hawkinson, Double V Digital Recordings)

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"From disparate sound elements harvested from the piano, John builds up by assemblage an environmental experience that is intriguing, unusual, sometimes disturbing, and always fascinating."

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Patreon Exclusive Piano EP

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ILM Music Series

The first album to come out of my new music library the ILM Music Series, Minimal Vol. 1 is now available.  Give it a listen here:

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Premiere with the Moravian Philharmonic

The long awaited result of my collaboration with the Moravian Philharmonic has finally been released to online stores!  My work Mithridates was recorded back in April of 2019 in the Czech Republic, leading to this first release of mine on Navona Records.  

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Music from Isolation

Throughout the Covid-19 induced isolation of 2020 I did not have access to a piano spanning a time of roughly half a year.  Determined to keep myself fresh (and sane), I began to work through the two and three part inventions by J. S. Bach.  Half of all proceeds from this album will be sent to the Lebanese Red Cross.

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Featuring TORSO for Four Violin Soloists and String Orchestra

"The album SPARKS VOL. 2 couldn't be more aptly named, as bows bend and sparks fly in this  vibrant collection of pieces for string orchestra. Bound to please modernists and traditionalists  alike, this eclectic collection contains pieces by Dave Dexter, William C. White, Simon Andrews, Rain  Worthington, Allen Brings, John Carollo, John Franek, and Jeff Mangels. While the pool of  inspiration might be diverse – ancient myths, dance, chaos, rites of passage, reflection and  homesickness for a place which (may have) never existed – the pieces are united by their display of raw musical energy, an undercurrent of longing, as well as profundity in both technical and  emotional terms."

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Cloud Things is essentially a song cycle for electronic playback, the original material of which I sampled from a now defunct Polish new Music Radio Station who's archives have been released into the public domain. Rather than composing in what would be considered an electroacoustic-centric fashion, this cycle attains a more Dramaturgical atmosphere through it's ritualistic and closely original treatment of the original musical content.

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This collection of works embody an intersection of spectral, ambient and glitch noise soundscapes which explore the sonic combination of raw acoustic sound and raw electronic wavelengths.

Initially sampled from a purely acoustic String Orchestra premiere, the musical material in this collection is taken through its own transmorphic journey from a  acoustic orchestral sound profile trapped within electronic confines to an entirely processed electronic piece of data.  This process is then woven into itself, intersecting the consistently evolving sonic landscape represented by each work.