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Upcoming Premiere in Kyoto of a New Piece!

On May 12th 2024 my piece sorry!sorry!sorry!sorry! will be premiered by the Rosetta Music & Art Collective at Kyoto City University of Arts.

About the concert, entitled Notation:Mutation | 変異するノーテーション:

In Western music, traditional staff notation has long been the primary means of notation. However, in recent and contemporary times, diverse methods have emerged, including conceptual graphical scores, video notations verbal notations, and developed staff notations or tablatures. This indecates that the idea of the notation used to record musical compositions not only serve as techniques for documenting and transmitting created music but also function as media for expanding creativity.

Originating in the 1960s, the work of Fluxus stands out as one of the most significant examples. Its members frequently employed text-based instructional scores for their work, which, in the context of Western classical music, might have been likened to a sudden ‘mutation’ of traditional staff notation. Presently, these works are increasingly receiving recognition within the context of contemporary art, despite their inherent musical richness. With the aspiration to reignite an impact on the music field similar to the cascading spread of Fluxus, we have centered our theme around the perspective of ‘notation.’

Information about the concert is available here:

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