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New Album out Featuring works by Franek

" Musikformen der Natur is the first album in history dedicated to contemporary music composed for the late medieval portative organ. This rare instrument is a small, portable (lat. „portare” – to carry) organ with metal pipes. During playing, the performer has complete control of the air pressure which goes to the pipes. Thus they can shape the sound in an extraordinary way, impossible to achieve in the case of a larger organ. Despite its ancient construction, the portative organ opens new possibilities for contemporary music.

The title „Musikformen der Natur” refers to the work of Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) – a German zoologist whose fascinating drawings are still inspiring artists. One of these artists is John Franek, the composer of „Siphonophoria” – the central piece recorded on the CD. It consists of five movements inspired by siphonophorae – a kind of jellyfish to whom Haeckel dedicated a few tableaux of his famous 'Kunstformen der Natur'. "

Check it out today:

Streaming links for all major platforms here!

Donate directly to the project & receive a physical CD here!

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