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Premiere of Radiolarium at Muziekgebouw

Updated: May 2, 2023

A nine minute piece for automated 31-TET organ and electronics at the Muziekgebouw. Could I be any more excited? (Answer is no.)

I am eagerly looking forward to the premiere of my work Radiolarium for automated organ and electronics as part of the Pimp My Organ V concert. This organ, however, is unique in that it is tuned to 31 notes to an octave (in contrast to the common 12 note octave) and is also able to be controlled remotely from laptop!

Picture of the Huygens Fokker Orgel console keyboard:

In my piece Radiolaria I look forward to taking inspiration from the elaborate skeletons of the minuscule organisms the piece is named after. An intricate sonic weave of sinusoidal electronics and uniquely curated organ tones uninhibited by a human physical limitations await the listener in my first collaboration with Stichting Huygens Fokker.

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