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Upcoming Premieres, Updates and More!

In a year which so far retains it's predecessor's unpredictable nature as far the arts are concerned, it gives me immense joy to be able to make some announcements 💥

Looking forward to composing for some simply fantastic ensembles this year as a member of the Alba Music Festival Composition Program, Iceberg New Music Institute and Sofia Symphonic Summit.

Through these composition intensives I will be composing new works for the ensembles Hub New Music, Trio Immersio and Sofia Philharmonic. Eagerly looking forward to returning to some fantastic music making this year!

Additionally some other irons in the fire which are slightly too premature to announce include:

• Upcoming albums reaching the last stage of development.

• Additional commissions/compositions to be announced.

• Major purely professional developments.

• The Release of SPARKS VOL. 2 in three weeks!

I'll end this post here as to not over encumber it with things, so stay tuned for the next one!

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