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Impulse New Music Festival, highSCORE New Music Festival and More!

Happy to keep to positivity rolling with some more good news :)) I found out this past week that I have been accepted into two of (in my opinion) the most exciting festivals dedicated to New Music which will take place this coming summer: Impulse New Music Festival and the highSCORE new music festival!

I have had my eye on both of these programs and events for the past few years so it is with deep honor and pleasure that I find myself accepted to participate! Additionally I will be able to compose a further two new pieces which will premiered and recorded this summer.

Check out more about the programs and all-star faculties & musicians:

- "Impulse New Music Festival is an intensive summer training program, providing outstanding early-career composers and performers the opportunity to develop their creative practice and career strategies under the guidance of a world-class faculty. INMF reimagines what classical music training should look like in the 21st century, combining rigorous training with groundbreaking techniques and technologies that are shaping new pathways in the discipline."

- HighSCORE Festival is today’s leading Italian Contemporary Music Festival offering unique programs with masterclasses specifically shaped for composers, one of the «ten summer festivals to get the contemporary music blood pumping» (Composition: Today). The upcoming 11th edition features an outstanding internationally recognized faculty roster: Steven Mackey, guest of honor; Amy Beth Kirsten, David Serkin Ludwig, Helena Tulve and Dmitri Tymoczko, the core of our composition faculty.

Also Cyber/Strings/Attached Came out!

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