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Cyber/Strings/Attached to be released on Donemus Composer's Voice

It is with immense joy that I can announce that my most recent electroacoustic album Cyber/Strings/Attached has finally found a home on the Donemus Composer's Voice Record Label. This album represents my most involved electroacoustic endeavor yet, so after a search of multiple months I am thrilled to find a wonderful home for this listening experience.

Program Notes:

Entitled Cyber/Strings/Attached the work is an intersection of spectral, ambient and glitch noise soundscapes which explore the sonic combination of raw acoustic sound and raw electronic wavelengths.

Initially sampled from a String Orchestra, the musical material is taken through its own transmorphic journey from a purely acoustic sound trapped within electronic confines to an entirely processed electronic piece of data. This process is then woven among itself into the consistently evolving sonic landscape represented by each work.

Release Day: April 21, 2021

Available Everywhere!

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