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What does it mean to be a Composer/Musician in the 21st century?

Join me here as I embark on my journey through the modern music scene around the world sharing my successes, failures and everything in-between.

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The 'Inside Story' Behind Mithridates

I just recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with PARMA recordings in which I was able to speak about topics such as my journey through composition and my piece 'Mithridates' recently released on PRISMA Vol. 4. The piece was also featured on the 'Classical Discoveries' program hosted by Marvin Rosen on Princeton Public Radio WPRB 103.3. You can find my work, recorded by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, on PRISMA Vol. 4 on Apple Music, Amazon Mp3, Spotify a

Being a 21st Century Composer...What Does it Take? (1)

Ask any living composer what it means to be a "living" or "active" musician and you are sure to receive answers and unique and subjective as their own musical thoughts and output. In this series, I will be highlighting some of the most crucial skills which I have picked up during my journey thus far. 1. Actively Seek Out Opportunity The most immediate way to step up your presence is to proactively search for opportunity. Using the mindset that "nothing is guaranteed to come

Welcome to Comp*lex, NJMTA news and more 💥

I find with many aspects of my work that the process of "beginning" often time poses a unique challenge. Bridging the space between concept and product can only be achieved by begin our efforts, so I thought why not start with some good news? I'm incredibly excited to announce that I was recently selected as NJMTA's (New Jersey Music Teacher's Association) commissioned composer of 2020. With composition and improvisation at the heart of my personal pedagogy, I am simply thr