song cycle for soprano & ensemble

IEDE-ZAI, a song cycle for Soprano and ensemble, is a culmination and emergent intersection between different passion projects which I have focused attention on for the past two years.

More practically, and straightforward, IEDE-ZAI is an effort within my main creative medium of music composition where I endeavor to make the most of a “clarity of function” within each existing part and relationship between ensemble members, ultimately lead by the Soprano soloist.  With the text celebrating, revering, and giving mindful evaluation of time and its beginning, passing, and eventual change each individual member of the ensemble either rhythmically and melodically introduces and communicates ideas/information with this same mindfulness.

On a more personal level, IEDE-ZAI is a project which has enabled me to engage with  multiple mediums of information transmission simultaneously.  The text of the work is written and formed in Proto-Eūrož, the prototype and first compilation of my own attempt to decipher Proto-Slavic languages of Eastern and Southern Europe.  The result of this project was a fluid, sensitive language which is largely supported by temporal and situational contexts.  This characteristic of the language is what initially inspired, and later guided my composition of this song cycle.

It is because of this song cycle that I have been able to further access progress in developing both my musical and lingual pursuits as well as develop a new understanding of each by exploring the intersection between them.  Working off of an idea as evolutionary necessary as communication of information and emotion, I shall use this work as a springboard in my lifelong journey to marry understanding and connection through the composition of music as well as language.

I only hope that this humble effort in musical and lingual exploration may devote some progress towards the unification of us, as we are nothing other than one.